Monday, February 23, 2009

Jack from Denmark

This is my friend Johnny Jack Hansen, a painter from Denmark, he have been visiting K.L since 2002. This year is his fifth visit here to see his friends at the Artist Colony at Jalan Conlay.K.L

Jack stumble upon the colony accidentally in his first visit here. Before coming to Malaysia, he have no idea what this country is all about. Jack make friends with all the artist at the the colony and like any other art lover that come to the colony, he was attached to the calm atmosphere and the friendly warmth of the artist.
The kroncong group from the artist add the serene magical feeling, thus making Jack coming back to the colony from year to year.
He would spend at least a month stay in every visit, producing artworks and discovering more about Malaysia and its people.
Believing that he had discovered something interesting about this country, he bring back tales to his people which soon create an interest where not much is known about Malaysia. This resulted in Jack wishing that he could bring some of Malaysia to Denmark by organising a Malaysian exhibition there.... to be cont.

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