Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ringgo, the musician who paints

Ringgo aka sham ahmad, a good friend of mine from the colony for ten years is away from malaysia since 2007. Ringgo an ex drummer from the defunct group "Fotograf", a popular boy band back in the eighties is now in Caracas.Ringgo started painting as an escape from the glamourous world of malaysian entertaintment. His works in acrylic are mostly of a bird's eye view of city scape of Kuala Lumpur. He is also well known for his KLCC images, sort of The 'Ken Done' of Malaysia. While enjoying the life of a painter at the colony, Ringgo still entertain his love for music by joining the colony's Kroncong group.
Ringgo's prolong stay in Caracas, is due to some circumstances that he himself cannot forsee. Knowing this mild mannered artist, I am sure that whatever has fallen onto him does not reflect the true person in him. Ringgo is at the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting the wrong people. We have been in constant touch through email and glad to know that he is taking things well, and are loved by many because of his nature and his musical talents.
We , his friends and family are praying to God that we will see him back soon. To Ringgo: Take care and 'banyak bersabar' All this must be a blessing in disguise. We miss you very much bro.

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