Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sam's Solo Exhibition

It has been a while since I went to a painting exhibition. The last being the retro of Syed Ahmad Jamal at the National art Gallery. Last night I was at the launching of a solo exhibition by a close artist friend of mine, Samsuddin Mohammad.

This is a second solo by Sam and was being held at the RA gallery, K.L. The exhibition comprise of recent works and works done by Sam during his colony days.
The show titled 'Melukis Citra Manusia' showcase around 50 pieces of Sam's works in oil, acrylic and pencil sketches.

Sam educated in Fine Art at the University Science of Malaysia, Penang. A highly skilled potrait artist since his Central Market days. Sam's work, apart from his skilled painterly depiction of form, have this unique feeling where he is able to bring out the personal nature or aura of his subject. His works brought us close to the subjects and let us feel as if we too are very close at heart with them. The reason might be that of Sam's nature as well.
Sam is a person who is easily loved by anybody that get to know him. A kind and caring friend. In fact to quote artist Jerry's statement when he first saw me with Sam back in the late 80's, was "Kalau sapa kawan dengan Sam tu, kira OK laa...".
Sam treats everybody as his closest friends, its like he can see the inside of you.

Yours truly with artist Sam in front of one of the pieces exhibited. What an honour!

We were together at the colony and shared the same studio for a good ten years.
We had the chance to travel to Thailand and several times to Indonesia together. In fact, we had exhibited together in a two-man show at 'Jakarta Art Festival' in 2001. It was full of fun and excitement travelling with Sam.
Good Luck Sam.

With the National Laureatte, Pak Samad Said at the show.

With painter-poet Kak Siti Zainon Ismail. A die hard Malay culture activist. So warm and friendly.

With Melor, Kak Siti's sweet daughter. Like mother like daughter.

The Kroncong Arif Lukisan that graced the opening. From left, Riduan Salam, Maamor jantan and Raja Herman.