Thursday, February 25, 2010

Europe A Calling Again!

Come 1st March,
I'll embark again on another journey to Europe. Being sponsored with a return ticket to London, and as usual after forking out some money at the very last minute, I'm ready and raring to go.
Already in 'standby traveller's mode'

I'll meet up with my old friend Jin in Weymouth,UK. See previous posting here n here
From Weymouth, I'll move on to Gelsenkirchen, Germany to meet my nephew Faris.
From there, I hope to visit Amsterdam this time around after failing to do so before.
At Amsterdam, I'll meet up with a Danish artist friend Jack Hanson. Jack have been frequently visiting me here since 2002. Read here
From Amsterdam, we'll drive up to Copenhagen for a two weeks stay at Jack's place.
Will try to post photos and news if I'm able to be online anywhere.

So; here's to another exciting journey... InsyaAllah.
Doakan keselamatan saya pergi dan balik. Amin


  1. lennon,
    kalau pi brussel, hang pi kat park besaq dia,
    cari kat celah batu besaq tu kot ada lagi
    mesej yg aku tinggaikan utk org mesia baca

    pasai apa aku tak hingat dah.
    circa 1989 -90. lama dah nooo?
    hang pun dah 47 kan? tua nye...
    bon vayage!

  2. Lahjon, haha...
    Qhazi, jom!
    Wajay, tq.