Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malaysian 'Jin' in UK

I've got a call from a 'Jin' living in the south of England, last night.
Sanusi aka Jin is an old friend of mine back in the college days.
He is from Trengganu, married a beautiful English lass and blessed with two lovely teenage son and daughter.(Pan Asian Jin and Jinny).
Jin is our trusted and efficient light director in all our theatrical production at college.
The reason Jin is in UK for the last decade or so, is because of his love to his children.
He is into craft bussines there and already had a PR status.
Jin did come back or visits Malaysia once in a while, and always make an effort to call his friends occassionally.
To me, Jin potrays the unconditional love of a father.
On the phone last night, I can sense his longing for Malaysia. When asked, when he is going to come home for good; Jin answers: "I dont think so........ yet !"
Hold on Jin, the kids still needs you


  1. kids always need us lenon, like we still need our parents!!!!! like I said in the phone conversation now i have to trying to set up something in malaysia so ada reason nok balik or kalu balik at least air fares covered,, gua punya karpet sudah tak leh terbang la lenon ,,kena grounded!!!! speedtrap!!!

  2. but you still have your teropong ajaib and the bangsi hikmat..