Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sham aka Samsudin Mohamad

'Self portrait with violin'
Acrylic on canvas by Sham
Sham and me are in the same studio at the colony.
A kind, gentle and a caring friend.Sham used to draw portrait's commission at the Central market before studying Fine Art at USM.
Sham is very good and fast in capturing life portraits.
This father of two have also a keen interest in music,where he have been one of the founder member of the now famous painter's Kroncong group named 'Kroncong Lukisan'.Sham plays the 'Cuk' a three string Ukulele. Sham can be contacted at the Conlay Artist Colony. You can even see him and the band playing their music every Sunday from 4-7 pm at the colony.
Love you bro !

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