Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Langgar,Alor Star,Kedah

Langgar, my hometown, a sleepy hollow, Left at the age of sixteen, only to return to, a few days in a year.This scene was shot in 2008, glad everything is still as serene, Langgar is situated six miles from Alor Star, access through the Alor Star Utara exit from the PLUS highway.
Langgar is also famous for its royal Kedah mausoleums. Back in the old days, theres the famous 'Mee Sup Omar Bom', traditional delicacies such as the 'Dangai' and 'Dadih' (yogurt made from buffalo milk..emm) and the delicious 'Ice kacang' (not anymore).
Theres an article about the beautiful Kedah's Zahir mosque posted recently by Visualcrackers. See my blog link

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