Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Kids (Jan - Jun 09)

The best class. These are my new kids at the Putrajaya's Precinct 16 Children's Art Workshop.
From 5 to 8 years old. Its my second year here. I am with them every weekend morning for a two hour session. I truly loves working arts with these age group. Their art are amazingly expressive and beautiful. And oooh... they themselves are so sweet and charming. I know that they totally enjoy the session as much as I enjoyed it. Thank God for letting me to have the ability to still cherish life through these young and innocent heart.

The future Animators.
Students of Degree in Animation, Faculty of Artistic & Creative Tech. UiTM.
My second semesters with these kids, quite a talented group. I do figure drawing for animation with them. This is one of our outdoor drawing session at Putrajaya somewhere last March. A few upcoming good animators in the making.

More Future Animators
A small group, the first semester, Degree in Animation TACT, UiTM.
After our life drawing session at the National Zoo. Apart from human form ,they are also expected to be able to draw animals. The best way to learn drawing is to draw live.
Love you too guys, Keep up the good work.

Future Fashion Designers.
Second semester students in Degree of Fashion Design, Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM.
Its Fashion Illustration for these kids and me. My 12th semesters teaching Fashion Illustration at this faculty.

These are my sweethearts for this semester. Full of energy and enthusiasm.
The First semester Fashion students.( See older posting)
Love you kids and good luck in the coming Assessment.


  1. Aduhhh..!! Lenon..? Aku Tahun belom kawin lagiiii heheh

  2. Aslmkm Lennon,
    aku dah jumpe nie, terpaksa ganggu lah.
    blog batch korang tu baguih kalo pakai social network dari blog, tak limited sangat.
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    bende tu pree, so migrate everyhting ke situ kite link, jadi satu keluarga besor.
    wajay IDE

  3. salam wajay, thanks, i'll visit it soon. Hang apa habaq?

  4. assalamualaikum lenon,dah busy kat AD82 jgn lupa blog hang!!!!! heheheheh aku kat chat room

  5. You're damn right. Kids r frank and honest. Bila la kita nak jumper ye.

  6. Atip, I'll look up for you whenever I pass Kemamang. Anak2 mu come dan lawo blako...