Friday, April 10, 2009


Self potrait in studio
April 2009


  1. assalamualikum lenong,,oiiit pakaila tripod baru boleh main dgn angle,,should shine a torch light under your chin,,kasi spooky abit,,hehehehehehh,,just checking Nasyio n enals blogs,,good good now more blogs n site i can visit,,like your chat with nasyio on art scene in malaysia,,

  2. Jin,
    You miss the point,
    Its photography at its minimal,spontainety is the key.
    Thanks . Mu dok wak amende ?

  3. assalamualikum lenong ambe start menega lah spring doh ning,,kena kejor daylight which is getting longer now..well maybe missing the point but right equipement can give one more options yet again always depend on who behind the camera why the shot taken i suppose,,it is not to criticise but suggestion,,love digi cam best camera one can have,, but the best of all is the software for editing,,technology, kalau dulu2 jenoh in the darkroom la ni main click ajer,,and every shots you must set the camera to the right appertures and speed lepaih tu maha macang bedil org gannu kate, developing, processing and printing cost alot money,,now point and click then load up to your computer and edit it to your heart content!!!just remember to back it up kalu tidok ilang,,macam happen to me a while back over 2000 shots missing from the hard drive!!!i formatted wrong harddrive!!take 4 days to scanned and retrieve the images,,blooody hard work!!! i tell ya,,today,day off for me my back is hurting so dok leh gi negga ambe.. dok di ghumoh buak design and display sikit,,cheeeriioo

  4. Time kasih jing,ke sawoh dok, ke laut dok, wakpe leh sakit belakan? Mu bile nok kelik?

  5. first few years in Uk aku banyak buat labouring jobs,,salah satu kerja factory,,my back ache because of repetitive movements,,Repetitive strain injury,,sama macang org gi ke sawoh or org kelaut!!!tapi takpa in uk if you are ill and cannot work the goverment will pay you incapacity benefit allowance and pay your rent!!! all you have to do is apply for it,,even though you're self employed!!! hehehhe well the brits came to mesia years ago and robbed us dry of gold and tin,,so I am here to claim it back!! someone have to do it!!!hehheheh they colonised us for 150 years,, me only here for 10yrs still got 140 yrs to go..