Monday, August 10, 2009


Alhamdulillah. Saya selamat tiba di KL pda hari Ahad 31 hb Mac 2002 jam 7.30 pagi dan selamat tiba di Sri Gombak sekitar jam 10.00 pagi.

Can't let go of my baby Najaa...

The kids with whatever souvenirs that I managed to brought back.

With Larry Otto on the last day in Florence. (missed this pic in the posting)

With Wiz Kudowo a Ghanaian artist at the Colony in 2007. He brought news from Larry.

As for my friend Larry, we haven't keep in touch since Florence until in mid 2007, an artist name Wiz Kudowo from Ghana came and look up for me at the Colony. Larry gave him my address. He gave Larry a phone call and I did managed to update things with Larry.We sure hope that we could meet up again one of these days either here or anywhere.

Akmal's wedding at Bukit Jelutong in December 2008

As for Akmal, he came back to Malaysia for good in 2007 after being given a stern warning by his mother. Akmal now is an architect with Hijjas Kasturi. He is married to a sweet lass Fazrin in December 2008. They are now waiting for their fisrt baby. Akmal lived and worked in London for ten years. During my stay with him in London, he did lent me 60 pound and on top of that I will never forget his hospitality. Thank You Akmal.

The medallion from Catherina De Medici

The certificate of Attendance

'Florence Memory' Oil on Canvas 2002

Immedietly after coming back, I managed to transfer my memories of Florence and the travel on canvas. I came up with four pieces of oils and sold all of them.
I encountered with the piece above in 2008 after it have been changing hands for three times. Since I don't have any of those pieces left , I exchanged for it with two pieces of my new works. Now it is safely in my hands and I will never part with it agin.


  1. Florence is actually a very cultural city with lots of great paintings, sculptures and architecture!

    Jadi, bila kamu berada di sana. Kamu mesti rasa macam 'kid in a candy shop' - spoiled with too many choices!!!

  2. Hi LC, memories of Florence still lingers in me until today. It have a classical air especially its architecture. But it is also too crowded with tourist. I sure hope to be there again someday.

  3. dah abih pendek je ceritanya..apa2 pun tahniah kerana telah menyiapkan jurnal ni dengan baik...

    ada cerita pasal akmal pulak ke???????

  4. Dah habis Aris. terima kasih kerana mengikuti.

  5. At last......

    23 days away from family.

    Hubby dulu 21 days. Masa dia balik, kulit dia cerah sikit dan rambut dia panjang kat bahu. Yang kelakarnya, sebab dah lama tak jumpa, saya rasa agak segan pulak.

    Anyway, congratulations! Very2 interesting.

    Memang berbaloi. :)

  6. Lenon ,

    Mu maghi jer...aku bawok mu gi makang sata, otok2 bia sapa pecah peruk, bia tubek tulang ikang sumer, lepah pada tu, mesti mu tak mboh dohhhhhh.......

    Pasa antu tu, tak sedaq nak citer sining, kita citer mase makang kat Kuala Kemamang kek gi...guane gamok?

  7. ASW, thanks for following.

    aTip,aku nok gi sangat la...aku tringing sangak nok jupe ngang mung. Aku tok jupe ngang mung lamo dari Jing hok duduk UK nung...Mulo ingak mu takmboh saing ngang aku doh, maklung lah aku budok buah(buas)