Thursday, August 20, 2009

Future Fashion Designers

These are my kids from the Degree in Fashion Design UiTM for this semester.
This is their second semester in Fashion Illustration with me.
An energetic and hardworking lot, full of potential. Keep it up guys!

Nick, a graduate of fine art, very skillful in drawing.

Nick's linear pen rendering, excellent.

Yazid, science graduate turn fashion designer, another strong potential for our fashion industry.

Yazid's beautiful collage works.

Akma, hardworking and consistant.

Nadia, another great potential.

Syafikah, never miss classes.

Syafikah's collage

Shahrul, another fine art graduate.

Shida, strong character.

Aina, a very talented Sabahan.

Rosnani, good at drawing.

Haniza, Willing to learn.

Zahirah, obedient.

Zahirah's interesting collage.

Elli, good at collages.

Anuar, innovative.

Izzati, tremendous improvement.

Lynn, hardworking.


  1. Alhamdulilah...
    For this class i'm enjoy and yg paling bestnya dapat siapkan kerja on time, ini pun kerana nasihat dan dorongan drpd en.Shukre...
    Thanks you so much En. Shukre..

  2. salam encik..
    klas ilustration mmg best..
    although 4 this sem, my work a bit slow, but i try to make the best from me..
    with a great lecturer, of coz all student including me want to be like u..pls guide us..
    thanks a lot en.shukre..

  3. InsyaAllah Akma, keep up the good work.