Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Outdoor Drawing Class : Zoo Negara & Artist Colony

Every semester I have to bring out the animation students from UiTM for a drawing session at our National Zoo in Ulu Klang. The Drawing class for them are mostly Figure drawing, but they are also required to have some study sketches on animals. Where else can we find a big collection of animals for that purpose. Zoo Negara of course.
So yesterday, to the Zoo we went to meet our animal models.

It happens that the total of students for this semester is a small number. So I cramped everyone in my small van and we head for the zoo.
But before that, a stop for breakfast and teh tarik at TTDI Jaya.

The animation kids this semester are from left, Rahimah, Azza. Ain, Wan and Sya.

The zoo is always full of visitors during weekends and the school holidays, but we are there on a Monday so we have the place all to ourselves.

We started off with the Giraffes.

Ain and Wan concentrating on their drawing

Sya, a Fine Art grad doing animation

Hard at work at the Ribena kiosk, sketching the elephants

Sit still Ele!

Sketching the storks

Rahimah capturing the elephant on paper

In the birds enclosure

Peeping at Sya's drawing

The girls at the deer's den

Engrossed with their works

At the entrance of the insect world

Going ape

Drawing the apes

A bit more to go

Posing in front of an interesting building. A fast food joint.

One for the album with the Cikgu

The kids have done a lot of good sketches on the animals and I am quite please with their effort. Will check and criticise their effort in the coming session. Good job guys.

On the way back I took them to the Artist Colony in Jalan Conlay KL. One reason is for lunch because the kids would like to have rice and second is to let them meet the artist and their works at the colony. Furthermore, I myself would like to meet my artist friends. I haven't been visiting them for quite some time.

With Roni, one of the artist at the Colony

With artist Shamsuddin Mohd, Harris Ribut and Nizar at their studio

We are back at Puncak Perdana campus by 5.00 pm.
Its been a good session guys. Hope you guys enjoyed the trip, and don't forget to bring your zoo's drawing for the next class.


  1. alamak tak de gambar kawan-kawan aku la...

    bro student animasi ni lima orang sahaja ke?Yang ni student tahun berapa?

  2. Aris, tahun ini lima orang sahaja pelajar semester pertama degree in animation. Lain pula halnya dengan degree in fashion - 20 orang.

  3. he2...senang sikit la bro nak handle

  4. Aris, kelas drawing ni kalau sikit sangat pun kurang berkesan sebab kurang contoh dan saingan antara pelajar. Paling bagus dalam lingkungan sepuluh orang.

  5. assalamualaikoum bro,lama tak jumpa. :)

  6. alaikoum salam,
    apa khabar tuan?
    suka lah saya tuan sudi jenguk,
    laman tuan sangat menarik.

  7. Bestnya, boleh pergi zoo dan sketch live drawing!
    Saya suka zebra. Kaula banyak zebra berkumpul sekali, lukisan itu mesti macam "optic illusion"!