Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hurray !' Putrajaya Art Class' Show & Farewell

Congratulation kids.. Its been twelve wonderful session. I,ve enjoyed it more than you guys.. Love you all very much and I'm going to miss the wonderful time we're together. Keep on drawing and painting and hope that we'll meet again next year. Love, Cikgu Shukri.

Farewell speech and teacher's report to the parents.

The kids together with parents watching the slide show of this years activity.

Irshad and you guys

Badlishah and friend.. gonna miss you girls.

Two sis. Second season with me.

awww... gonna really miss this two cutie sis.

Illyin... loves painting very much with cousins, see you again next year sweetheart.

One of their beautiful collaboration works.

This session's effort exhibited.


Work by Hanna.


Work by Mizan

Thank You very much my lovely kids for sharing with me your joy of life.
We'll meet again InsyaAllah. Mmmmmmuahhh !