Friday, July 17, 2009

Journal : Europe 2002


While in a session of a children art workshop at the National Art Gallery,back in 2002, I was offered to participate in a painting competition , 'The Catherina De Medici Painting Award' that will be held in Florence, Italy. From 7 to 10 march 2002.
I am still at the K.L Artist Colony at that time, and the only place I have been outside this country is just Thailand and Indonesia.
Europe have been my dream since leaving art school. The urge to get there, become stronger after doing a free-lance job of painting a massive Paris scenes for the launching of French airline in K,L back in the late eighties. Imagine the excitement.

First thing, grab some travel brochures on Florence, Venice and Paris. With the travel expenses and lodging for ten days in Florence taken care by the gallery, and a few thousand Malaysian Ringgit that I manage to fork out. I am ready to embark in one of my most memorable journey.
I have requested an open return ticket and fix a departure from Paris. This is to make sure that I will be in Paris, and have a few weeks to venture to more cities after the Florence competition.

The Journal:
I am not much of a person who jots down journal, but I do love to travel and never fail to bring along some sketchbooks along in my journeys. Even though not many sketches done. But considering this is my first great travel and being a painter, I would like to record it, and share the joy with others . I make it a point to scribble my experience every night before sleep. Although I am more comfortable, writing in English, I try using my own language to get the authentic feeling of it all.
I will post it as true as the journal, and will try to avoid much editing as possible.There will be no translation to English, but I am sure you can enjoy it visually.
This is the first time for this journal to be published in any form anywhere. It have been on the bookshelf collecting dust since. Stumbled upon it recently while searching for old photos.

Share the joy of my travel through my journal in this coming twenty three days here at 'piquant' as I take you along on a day to day posting, of my travel in Europe. Starting tomorrow. Enjoy.


  1. looking forward for the post, bro

  2. The first time i browsed through the journal some times ago, i really hoped it could be visualized in a book form, i mean a proper publication. Now that it will be posted at Piquant, i think it is great as well. Looking forward.

  3. Tahniah dan terima kasih kerana sudi berkongsi pengalaman ini dengan kami...moga dapat dizahirkan dalam bentuk buku supaya boleh disimpan selamanya...

  4. Terima Kasih, Fendi, Eta dan Roslaini.